Syntec4 Spring News

It’s a banner Spring for Syntec4, with sales (and turnover!) up 400% from the same period in 2017. We’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve established with our distributors – and of the obvious quality of our product!

Here are some of the exciting things on the horizon for Syntec4:

  • An all-new range of aerosols that will make buying from Syntec4 a one-stop shop for garage service work. From dash dressings to engine de-greasers, the Syntec4 aerosol range now covers every part of auto servicing.
  • Two new products, Wildcat Road Max and Hellhound Road Max, designed to offer the fuel economy and performance benefits of our existing Hellhound and Wildcat products while also performing “clean up and keep clean” operations on the vehicle’s combustion chamber.
  • With help from our overseas distributors in the United States, Ireland and Norway, Syntec4 is well on the way to becoming a global brand.

We’ve also exhibited, for the second year running, at FPS Expo. We’ve had marvellous success on both outings, and have sourced some of our strongest relationships and most exciting contacts from the power of our presentation at FPS.

The Syntec4 stand at FPS Expo 2018. Plenty of new contacts were made!

Caitlin Conaghan

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