Syntec 4 Fuel Enhancers

Rehab4 is a range of fuel enhancers express-built to face the unique challenges of the modern fuel industry. Whether it’s by raising cetane or octane, protecting against component corrosion and wear, or eliminating organic contamination caused by biofuel, this range of super-charged additives succeeds on every front.

Service Performance Consumables

Prospec4 is Syntec4’s proprietary range of advanced service performance products, developed from the ground-up to make vehicle servicing a streamlined, flexible process. Its products vary from flushes and conditioners for radiators, fuel lines and systems, to diesel particulate filter regeneration aids, to cutting-edge oil treatments that exceed the specifications of the best on the market.

Excel Oils

The Excel Oils range features dozens of to-specification engine oils, transmission fluids, and suspension fluids. Fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral grades are all part of this huge range of world-beating formulas.

Syntec4 Greases

Syntec4 Greases bring world-class reliability, quality, and wear resistance to both industrial and commercial markets. When you buy with Syntec4, your lubrication needs are covered for good.